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CVC Announces a 50:50 Joint Venture with LED Enterprises to create the Sensi Shredder

07 July 2017

Colorado Springs – Cannabis Venture Capital today announced that it joined into a Joint Venture with LED Enterprises to invent a commercially viable cannabis grinder for pre-rolls and extraction processing.

Kyle, Founder and CEO of Cannabis Venture Capital, said: “Partnering with LED to design a grinder specific to cannabis will allow us to scale out pre-roll business and take us one step closer to becoming the world’s most recognizable pre-roll brand.”

Larry Tegeler, Owner of LED Enterprises LLC, said: “At LED Enterprises, we’re problem solvers. We’re excited for the chance to work on cutting-edge cannabis tech and invent brand-new engineering solutions to decades-old problems — like grinding a literal ton of weed! We’re excited to work on new inventions and create cool gadgets that solve problems in the cannabis community.”


  • LED will provide engineering services and operational oversight of the shredder development.

  • CVC will provide design direction, field testing, marketing development and sales services.

  • CVC will provide up to $10,000 to finance the development of the first 5 Sensi Shredders.


Cannabis Venture Capital is an early-stage investor with a grassroots approach to investing in the emerging trillion-dollar cannabis industry. Founded by seasoned canna-preneurs and enthusiasts, CVC partners with the same, to build the industry's most recognizable cannabis brands.


After retiring from 40 years of automation and product engineering, Larry — owner of LED Enterprises — raced the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and competed in derby rallies before settling down to build custom rat rods for customers in his workshop. When presented with the challenge of building the world’s first commercial cannabis grinder, Larry looked to his farm-boy roots for inspiration.

Cannabis Venture Capital successfully raises $10,000, aligning its first three investments toward the vision of building the world's most recognizable cannabis brands.

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