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Who Are We?

Grassroots Cannabis

Coming from the bottom up. We didn't start flush with cash and buy our way in.

Cannabis Venture Capital is a band of business owners and leaders that have been regulated since 2008. As budding canna-preneurs we had to develop great relationships and establish ourselves in the market.

Now, our friends and fellow MJ business owners are rising to the top.

Community That Thrives

Cannabis Venture Capital knows the weed business from seed to sale and scaling business opportunities, but you won't see suits or ties at the office. As cannaprenuers we have a different perspective on what's important — high quality people and products.

We're not here to inflate valuations and put on a corporate façade. The crew at CVC all started with one goal, to deliver quality cannabis to the people. We didn't start with any capital investments or bank loans. Each founder built their cannabis businesses from the ground up — together. How we do it has expanded over the years, but passion for the plant has never changed.

Need to get something done in the cannabis world? One of our businesses or strategic partners can handle that. We believe in the power of teamwork and win-win partnerships. Over the years, we've built an extensive network of businesses that help each other grow. It's not a "kick-back" — we all benefit from the deal flow inside our ecosystem.

Strength in numbers has enabled us to grow through adversity. Our people have dealt with regulation changes, banking issues, market fallout, and crooks. Even during Covid, our companies thrived by handling corporate issues together. Relationships with partners, vendor, and licensing entities have been invaluable for our ability to sustain through industry volatility.

Growing Big Ideas — Together

At Cannabis Venture Capital, we're big believers in bringing great people and ideas together. We're investing in real estate, regulated cannabis businesses, manufactured cannabis equipment, CPG brands, and industrial hemp products.

Are you a grassroots canna-preneur with big dreams for the budding industry? Let's smoke a joint and see if we can help each other grow.

Wyatt Lampley,

Co-Founder, Brand Strategy


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