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Cannabis Venture Capital Announces Filing of Articles of Incorporation

01 June 2017

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Cannabis Venture Capital today announced that it filed as a C-Corporation authorizing 1,000,000 common shares with 100% retained as treasury stock. Kyle was elected the Treasurer of the Board and Chief Executive Officer by unanimous vote.

Rolling over the profits from Kyle’s founding investment in Peak Holdings Group will enable CVC to provide grassroots funds in the following sectors for long-term growth.

  1. Licensed Marijuana Businesses

  2. Equipment Manufacturing

  3. Hemp Cannabinoid Products

  4. Industrial Hemp Goods

  5. Real-Estate Investment Partnerships

Kyle, Founder and CEO of Cannabis Venture Capital, said: “Cannabis Venture Capital is breaking into 5 multi-billion dollar industry sectors, and we’re primed for rapid expansion.”


Cannabis Venture Capital is an early-stage investor with a grassroots approach to investing in the emerging trillion-dollar cannabis industry. Founded by seasoned canna-preneurs and enthusiasts, CVC partners with the same, to build the industry's most recognizable cannabis brands.

Cannabis Venture Capital acquires TOKE for $5,000, sparking a scalable first-mover advantage in the pre-roll market and a strategic alliance with Colorado's finest cannabis growers.

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