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Monetized Investments & Peak Holdings Group Sign LOI to Take Over 5 Marijuana Licenses

11 November 2013

Denver, Colorado – Monetized Investments and Peak Holdings Group announced today that they have signed a letter of intent to obtain 5 medical marijuana licenses for no money down with a payment arrangement worth up to $130,000. Securing the licenses before Amendment 64 takes effect in January 2014 allows Monetized and Peak to convert these licenses to recreational and open locations optimized for the new adult-use rules.

Justin, Founder and CEO of Peak Holdings Group, LLC said: “With an upscale atmosphere, friendly budtenders, and small batches of Colorado’s finest strains, Peak has carefully crafted the ultimate cannabis purchasing experience. We’re excited to work with Monetized Investments to expand our portfolio of licenses in the new year.”

Kyle, Founder and CEO of Monetized Investments said: “It’s always been our dream to create a portfolio of cannabis companies. Our partnership with Peak will help secure our first investment, setting the foundation for future expansion.”


  • Peak and Monetized will acquire 5 medical licenses for no money down.

  • The licenses will come with the ability to convert them into recreational licenses.

  • Deal is conditional on the ability to find appropriate locations.


Peak Holdings has rolled up small batches of top-shelf cannabis, friendly expert budtenders, and a boutique experience — sparking up the most unique, upscale, recreational cannabis shopping experience in Colorado, right at the start of the famous Green Mile.


Founded on years of expertise, Monetized Investments is a start-up cannabis investment firm with strong roots in the legacy market balanced with Fortune 500 consulting experience.

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