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Peak Holdings Group and Monetized Investments Paper Up

27 January 2014

Denver, Colorado – Peak Holdings Group announced today that it has met the conditions of the LOI with Monetized Investments, allowing them access to $50,000 of capital to secure licenses, obtain a lease, and build out their first location at 260 Broadway. The deal is a promissory note with a two year convertible provision for 5% equity of Peak Holdings.

Justin, Founder and CEO of Peak Holdings Group, LLC said: “We're stoked to announce that we've met the conditions of our LOI with Monetized Investments, and we’re ready to start building our first spot at 260 Broadway!”

Kyle, Founder and CEO of Monetized Investments said: “I saw Justin’s talent for business when he located and negotiated the lease on 260 Broadway, and it gave me full confidence in his ability to handle these licenses. I’m excited to watch his strategy roll out.”


  • Peak Holdings gains access to the capital required to secure licenses.

  • Peak Holdings will put a down payment on the 260 Broadway location.

  • Funds will secure the ability to complete demolition and phase 1 buildout.


By fusing premium cannabis strains, expert budtenders, and a stylish boutique setting, Peak Holdings Group has redefined the recreational cannabis shopping experience on Colorado's Green Mile.


Founded on years of expertise, Monetized Investments is a start-up cannabis investment firm with strong roots in the legacy market balanced with Fortune 500 consulting experience.

Monetized Investments doubles down on Peak, adding $50k for completion of build-out and fixtures at the 260 Broadway dispensary location in Denver.

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